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* Biggest market of the week


  • Adaba-Dodola Trekking Association office, Dodola.

Bale Mountains National Park

  • Bale Mountain Lodge: In the Katcha clearing of the Harenna forest is the Bale Mountain Lodge, undoubtedly the best accommodation in the Bale area. The lodge has 11 double rooms and offers activities in and around the clearing related to the forest flora and fauna. A resident naturalist is on hand to provide advice and information. The lodge is an excellent place from which to explore the plateau, forest and valley from the comfort of a modern and welcoming lodge. Booking is required in advance as the lodge is often full. Website:


  • Markets: Wednesday, Saturday*
  • Bus Station: Located on a side street across from the Ganat Hotel on the left. Buses leave early morning on Sunday and Thursday to Negele-Borena. It is recommended to buy your tickets the day before.


Dilla is a larger, bustling town with wide cobblestone streets. It has an Awash International Bank, Bank of Abyssinia, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Dashen Bank with an ATM, as well as several fuel stations. There are also several attractions to explore from Dilla.

  • Sights: Manchiti (Shappe) Rock Engravings: 8km from town is a partially collapsed frieze depicting about 50 cattle, thought to be at least 3,000 years old. Tutu Fela Stelae Field: This field of 300 densely clustered stelae is about 20km south of Dilla in a small village. Tututi Stelae Field: 8km south of the Tutu Fela Stelae turnoff lies 1,200 stelae founded some 1,000 years ago. Most have fallen over; although several that measure over 6m in height still stand. (You are better off finding a local guide, as the sights are tricky to find.)
  • Markets: Monday through Sunday


The small town of Dinsho is home to the BMNP Headquarters.
While the Dinsho Lodge is not currently able to provide accommodation, it is still possible to camp at the designated site at the headquarters. 
There are simple facilities - toilet and shower and, at time of writing, it is possible to get a key to use the kitchen to cook.
Bring your own camping and cooking equipment.

There are a number of cafes in Dinsho where you can eat traditional Ethiopian food.

  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
  • Agriculture and Rural Development Office: Located on the left side of the main paved road when heading into town from the park headquarters. Fishing permits can be obtained from here. Open Monday-Friday.
  • Markets: Tuesday* and Saturday.

Dire Sheik Hussein

  • Culture and Tourism Office: Follow the main road and take the last road on the right before the shrine. They provide a free campsite as well as a bathroom. Check with the Culture and Tourism Office for exact dates of the pilgrimage as the dates of the festival rely on the lunar calendar.
  • Markets: Thursday

Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA)

Geralle National Park

  • 102km from Negele-Borena.


  • The Wabe Shebele Hotel provides dequate accommodation and is the best hotel in the Goba.
    The attached restaurant serves both Ethiopian and simple international dishes, lunch and dinner.
  • Culture and Tourism Office: Located on the hill past the roundabout.
  • Police: Located by the bus station.
  • Markets: Monday, Wednesday*, Friday and Saturday.
  • Bus Station: Buses to Addis and Shashemene leave early in the morning. It is recommended to buy a ticket a day ahead.
  • There are fuel stations as well as a hospital.


Goro serves as a stop over point from Sof-Omar to Robe, has a lively open-air market on Mondays and Thursdays* and is known for its spices.


Large lively markets with camel market on Saturday.

  • Markets: Tuesday*, Saturday*
  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Oromia International Bank, fuel station and a hospital.


Rira is a small village located within the Harenna forest in the Bale Mountains National Park.
Walk from here on the Harenna Bamboo trail to the waterfall.


  • Bus Station: Several buses leave daily early in the morning for Addis, minibuses leave throughout the day Goba and Dinsho.
  • Markets: Thursday*
  • Banks: Awash International Bank, Commerical Bank of Ethiopia, Oromia International Bank, Business and Construction Bank.


Sof Omar  is on the UNESCO tentative list and is described on their web page as one most spectacular and extensive underground caverns in the world.

  • Markets: Saturday

Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 10km from the Yabelo Junction.  No longer a host to abundant wildlife but occasional sightings of  Burchell's and Grevy's zebras,  Ethiopian bush crow, Abyssinian hornbill and white-tailed swallow.

Yirga Ch'Efe

Generally visited only for a quick stopover, Yirga Chaffe is a small, subdued town, known for its phenomenal Yirga Chaffe coffee grown at high altitudes.


At time of writing, Aregash Lodge has a good reputation and is well placed to provide a base to explore the various stelae and rock carvings at various sites in Dilla.

Bale Mountains National Park