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Manyete: Wild Forest Coffee Village


Coffee Collector

Have you ever wondered where your cup of coffee comes from?  Well look no further and come and visit the Manyate Coffee Village and enjoy the services and products provided by the Sankate Association including, wild coffee, honey, artisan crafts, guiding services, a campground and more.

Manyate is a small village found at the southern edge of the park in the Harenna forest, located at altitude of 1,600m, just 35km south of the Rira village by road. The area is known for it’s massive trees, now rare in Ethiopia, including fern pines (podocarpus graciliar) and fig trees (ficus spp.) of massive girth. The trees are often over 30m tall, and the branches of most are covered with dense epiphytes. In the shade of these trees also grows wild forest coffee (Arabica sp.).  To better promote local tourism, the Sankate Association was established, with Manyate residents, to better provide tourism related activities and products for visitors.

Be a part of this unique natural and cultural experience by hiking along the 6km nature trail, which traverses wild coffee forest and leads you to a cultural mineral spring.  Try to spot the forest’s abundant but illusive bird and wildlife.  Visit the Sankate coffee house and sit down to be treated to a traditional coffee ceremony.  When in season, try your hand at picking your own coffee just be sure to pick only the ripest red berries you can find or stroll trough the shrub lined streets of Manyate and experience the ‘village life’.  If you desire, you can even spend a night or two in the village at the Sankate campground.  Don’t miss out on this truly unique opportunity.  All you have to do is mention it to your guide and he can organize a visit.


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