One Park, Many Worlds


Built on the remains of a Belgian sheep farmer’s farmhouse, the Dinsho Self-Help Lodge is the best accommodation in Dinsho and is located within the park headquarters. The lodge can accommodate up to 30 people and has a sparsely equipped communal kitchen, toilets, showers, sauna and a large common area with a log fire. A variety of dorms are available with bunk beds as well as several rooms with double beds. There is also a designated campsite on the hilltop above the lodge, which offers panoramic views of several peaks and valleys around Dinsho. Whether staying in the lodge or at the campsites, you have full access to the kitchen. The lodge has recently been privatized and new prices will be published shortly. There are several other wilderness campsites in the juniper woodlands, Web valley, Sanetti plateau and Harenna forest. Prices can be found on the Park Fees page here.

In the Katcha clearing of the Harenna forest is the Bale Mountain Lodge, undoubtedly the best accommodation in the Bale area. The lodge boasts 15 double rooms and offers activities in and around the clearing related to the forest flora and fauna. A resident naturalist is on hand to provide advice and information and the lodge is an excellent place from which to explore the plateau, forest and valley from the comfort of a modern and welcoming lodge. Booking is required in advance as the lodge is often full. [, Tel: +251 (0)912790802.]


Bale Mountains National Park