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Trout Fishing: 

Trout fishing in the Web River

Trout fishing in the Web River

The Bale Mountains are an ideal place for wilderness fishing. Nine rivers and streams between Adaba and Goba were stocked with trout in the early 1970s; these have thrived and are now available for anglers.

Rainbow and brown trout can be fished on a short stretch of the Web River near Dinsho as well as in the Shaya River and Danka stream. Fishing conditions vary from cascading waterfalls to deep, still pools and the narrow, clear Danka stream.
Information, guides and permits can be obtained in the Dinsho Rural and Agriculture Offices located in the town of Dinsho (see directory).
Anglers must bring all fishing gear (unless they are staying at the Bale Mountain Lodge where gear can be rented and a guide can be hired).

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